Monday, October 8, 2012

"Katchandhammer Kids!" - Bill Elder - Mad Mondays!

Mad THE COMIC BOOK #20, and Bill Elder and Harvey Kurtzman hit the newspaper comic strip well again for a spoof of "The Katzenjammer Kids".  This is chock full of chicken fat!...not just from Elder but from Kurtzman himself as he lampoons the pidgin-German language which I'm sure he was exposed to from childhood right up to when this comic came out in the med-1950's.  It's a little hard for us in present day homogenized America to pick up on, but second nature for Kurtzman, Elder and the kids of the day.

Take the effort though, like the broken French in a Pepe Le Pew cartoon...there's larfs a plenty therein!

Thanks to kind reader H. McNulty for correcting a couple of points in my original post...good to have friendly proof-readers out there to watch me back.  :)

Talk to you soon!

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Tony said...

I first saw this in one of those MAD paperbacks in the 1970s and as I didn't really like the Katzenjammers, I never paid much attention to it. But later, I bought the MAD reprints (Gladstone maybe?) and this time I took the time to got through it and now it's one of my favorite MAD stories ever.

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