Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nemo #8: All Things Little Orphan Annie part 3 of 4

As I've been saying all along, "Little Orphan Annie" was a deeply personal strip with a very personal vision. A personal vision creatively spoken...if that isn't the definition of true art, I don't know what is.

A real example of what a single hand can do compared to all the things we see that a committee can't do. Nothing that was worthwhile was EVER done by committee. Carried OUT by many, sure...but it's that single vision that keeps it potent and pure.

Forget Daddy Warbucks...Harold Gray was Annie's real daddy!

Today is American Independence Day. Please celebrate safely but grandly and personally. It's worth it.

Remember, the people wanted it, Congress set out to do it, a committee of 5 was assigned to prepare it...but when it came down to it, 1 man wrote it.

Then of course that committee and congress homogenized it and bastardized it and abridged it. But we do what we can.

Happy 4th everyone!!

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