Friday, July 30, 2010

Drink Hole Friday Night Concerts - John Prine Live pt. 1

I like music.

I like LIVE music.

One of the reasons I like the music that I like is that it CAN be played LIVE. No funky studio tricks and sounds...usually just 3 chords and the truth is all it takes to crank my chain.

I've recently found a bejanger-load of some of my favorites in natural live settings, telling their stories and singing their songs, and I thought I'd share some via my blog. More to come on my recent hard-to-get appropriations in weeks to come, for now a primer.

The primer involves you sitting back and listening with me to some of the finest musical story-tellers of our day.

Here in "The Drink Hole Amphitheatre" tonight we feature the first half of Jon Prine's 1988 "Live" album. This is currently available for purchase from Prine's own "Oh Boy" label, on iTunes, through Amazon and the rest. If you like what you hear, I encourage you to BUY, BUY, BUY this album. Downloads are not available here or through me, I'm just here to share the sounds and stories.

Like Susanna Clark once said about this music. There's no big billion dollar record machine pushing this stuff and you won't hear it permeating every mall you go to. This music gets sold (and always has) with one simple "you gotta hear this" at a time.

This album is a classic, and like they say over at Prine-fandom..."Whatever you're in to, get in to Prine."

Oh, and don't think this will stop my periodic caterwauling on my guitar here. It'll probably just encourage me!


"Come Back to Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard" I wish she'd come home too.

"Six O'Clock News" Prine wrote this because of an idea he had to write a song so sad it was pretty.

"The Oldest Baby in The World" You heard me sing this here in honor of "Rusty". The story he tells is one of his most memorable and a perfect example of what he does. Pay attention...there MAY be a quiz someday. But I doubt it.

"Angel from Montgomery" with the great Bonnie Raitt. You're heard me recently butcher this one too.

"Grandpa Was A Carpenter" a late night remembrance of his grandfather. He just had to rearrange the lines so they would rhyme.

"Blue Umbrella" one of my early favorites of Prine. So simple and so melodic.

"Fish and Whistle" what you get from watching too many "Andy Griffith Show" reruns. As if there were really too many of those!

"Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone" again, the story he tells here says it all.

"Living in the Future" another you've heard me hammer out...maybe it makes more sense when Prine sings it...maybe not.

"Illegal Smile" - yup I did this one too. Here you hear what a great sing-along it really is!

Back with part 2 tomorrow night. You'll be humming these next week, I promise you.

Talk to you soon!


Pappy said...

John Prine puts words to universal truths:

"The scientific nature of the ordinary man,
Is to go on out and do the best you can."

That line from "Humidity Built the Snowman"...well, I have six decades behind me to recognize that as describing most of the hardworking folks I know.

You can't have enough Prine for me, and I like to hear you sing the songs, too.

Jeff Overturf said...

Thanks Pappy! I would say "Humidity..." is one of my favorite Prine songs...but as a Prine fan, you know it's hard to pick favorites with so much good stuff!

More Prine coming and more singing too.

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