Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday - I Just Got Here A Little Too Late

I just don't dedicate enough time to singing or writing songs to suit me. And if this blog is here to give me the discipline to do so, so be it!

If I'm going to forge ahead and make up some new stuff (which is just good therapy for me) then I suppose I ought to empty the coffers of the old stuff.

This is maybe the first song I ever wrote without a partner waaaaaaaay back when I was young and dumb. It still has a lot of good rhymes in it, even if the sentiment is behind me.

Ya see...I was young and sensitive and fell for a woman, then I learned she was already married. The young adults tortured soul burns to be expressed and so I did.

Talk to you soon.


Marco said...


Jeff Overturf said...

What can I say Marco. This one was written lonnnnnnnnnnng before even YOU knew what a hopeless romantic I was.

I was a mess! But I made it rhyme!

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