Friday, September 21, 2012

Mad THE COMIC BOOK Text Extras 4!

Mad THE COMIC BOOK #16 continues to poke holes in the convention of using text pages as content filler, but taking it up a notch from issues 13 and 14, where at least they stuck to the Greco-Roman alphabet, here they continue their socio-political bent with ancient Egyptian!



Back to the norm with issue 18 and "The Rookie Gladiator"...

...but then again, maybe not.  Here's about as surreal a comic note as ever was hit in Mad.

"Hevo the Great" is the first of 4 text pages in issue #19.  I like how even Kurtzman's spot cartoons can dress even a bunch of boring old words up.

Then back to the series of the's a little backwards know, like this!

And then, a couple of real least as presented in my collection of re-prints...these were originally printed's "The EC Artist of the Issue - Wallace Wood" originally printed in "Weird Science" in 1952.

"The EC Artist of the Issue - Jack Davis!" from "Two-Fisted Tales" in 1952.  Oh the talent that passed through EC's doors.

And then by issue #20, maybe the Mad knucklehead's are starting to notice how truly hip they are.  A slight call back to this story in #9.  More Bop dictionary.

Talk to you soon.


Jim Keefe said...

Came across your blog while looking for some of those EC Artists of the issue pages. Grabbed a couple that I reposted on my blog with credit and a link back to yours. Fantastic stuff!

Jeff Overturf said...

Thanks for the nice comments and thanks for stopping by...nice of you to link back as well, very generous. Hope you found lots of stuff you like...I'll be sure and check out your blog as soon as I get the chance as well!

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