Monday, September 17, 2012

"Howdy Dooit!" - Will Elder - Mad Mondays!

There've been some blog delays of late (over the last month or so) caused by interruptions in life.  I'll get more into what's happening as time goes on, but one thing I've been shown over and over in my life (but I never seem to hang on to until I'm shown again) is that art is EVERY bit as important as shelter and sustenance in making life worth living.  Problems in life are what art is for,  It's how our brain deals with it all.

Enough ambiguity about me, onto the task at hand.  Mad Monday!!!!

Mad THE COMIC BOOK #18's second feature, written by Harvey Kurtzman and drawn by Will/Bill Elder takes on the boob tube and one of it's earliest mega-stars, Howdy Doody.  

Bill and Harvey really had a knack for sinking their teeth into this new-fangled television doo-hickey, and "Howdy Dooit!" is NO exception.  They specifically take on the evil manipulation of advertisers to manipulate kids to manipulate the mother's purse-strings to buy their schlock.  This story is almost 60 years old and tells a tale as fresh as today's marketplace...except a LOT funnier.

There's nothing new under the sun.  Dig in!

Talk to you soon.

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