Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mad THE COMIC BOOK Text Extras 3!

Even MORE Mad text pages from when it was a comic book.

"Operation Under-the-Ground" re-surfaces in issue #11... does the sultry comic thriller "Lady in Mascara!"

In issue #13 you can really tell that the cartoonists at Mad thought the text pages were a waste of, if not space, certainly their time.  Here's the evidence as Mad gets GREEK..."OEATPIKO EPTO!".

I think it's AWESOME!  Proving that Kurtzman and Co. took nothing, not even the necessities of their industries, seriously!

Also in #13, Cosmo McMoon (Christ, that's a great name!) returns in "The Dandelion Caper!".

And right back in #14, MORE Greek goodness with "'Mszentelesi Un Jubileumi Ban' by Zabb Kotof!"

I love when the busy work is rendered as non-sensical as the reasons behind it.

Talk to you soon.

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