Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Funnies - A Retrospective, 4 of 5

Well!  If last week's tramp into pubescence didn't blow your mind, this weeks full-flex-their-wings-and-see-what-these-teenagers-can-do sampling from Richard Marshall and Bill Blackbeard's glorious "The Sunday Funnies" from 1978 WILL!

This week we look at the comics greats from the 1930's.  That grand era when no one had anything thanks to the Great Depression, and yet only great things ever happened.

We get to glimpse some beautiful pages (yes, comic strips used to take up whole pages) by Alex Raymond ("Jungle Jim", "Flash Gordon"), George Herriman ("Krazy Kat"), Frank King ("Gasoline Alley"), Fontaine Fox ("Toonerville Folks"), Chic Young ("Blondie"), Roy Crane ("Captain Easy"), Phil Nowlan/Dick Caulkins ("Buck Rogers"), E.C. Segar "("Sappo", "Thimble Theatre") and Frank Godwin ("Connie").

All's I can say is Zowie!

Get a double bowl of cereal today kids...yer gonna need it.

Next Sunday:  The Fabulous Forties!

Talk to you soon.

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