Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Science Fiction Anthology" Coloring Book - 2 of 2!

The final half of this odd, strangely intriguing coloring book from when I was a lad.

As Chris pointed out in yesterday's comments: SPOILER ALERT! LOTS of sci-fi twist endings blown herein!

And as Lysdexicuss pointed out...a coloring book "for the ADVANCED crayon wielder only!

The comment section is my favorite part of this blog...keep 'em coming kiddoes.

Now get to coloring...and remember...staying inside the lines is over-rated, just like in life.

Talk to you soon!

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Unknown said...

Many thanks, Jeff, for posting this! You made it possible for me to verify yet another Troubador must-have from my childhood! I'm on a mission now to recover dual copies of all the ones I had so that I can color one with Berol Prismacolors (the best!) and keep one intact as a reminder of the first time that I saw it. Here's my list:

Monster Gallery
Science Fiction Anthology
Tales of Fantasy
Space W.A.R.P.
Dinosaur Coloring Book (60's deco art style, very cool!)
Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album

Two by Bellerophon Books:

All New Dinosuars & their friends
The Last of the Dinosaurs

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