Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Funnies - Library of Congress - 3 of 3

Happy Sunday and time for part 3 of 3 of "Featuring the Funnies" from The Library of Congress.

This week featuring glimpses at "Child's Play" (Ray Billingsly, Charles Schulz), "WorkingWomen" (Martin Micheal Branner, Dale Messick, Alfred E. Hayward), "Crime Pays" (Alex Raymond, Chester Gould, Charles W. Kahles), "Masterpiece Theatre" (Winsor McCay, Walt Kelly, Martha Orr) and "Gags" (Mike Peters).

It would have been grand to see this exhibit for real and see the other works featured in the articles.  Original inks by Segar, McCay, Kelly and all the grand masters.  To be in the same room as works by Schulz, Herriman and Grey.  My head and heart reel.


Talk to you soon.

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Lysdexicuss said...

If that Hairbreadth Harry Flapper foozled me, my jig would be up and I would be begg'n for a hard pull !

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