Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Funnies - a Retrospective! part 1 of 5

Never fear, "Li'l Abner" lovers!  My weekly postings of the good folks of Dogpatch will return now that I've resumed full-time blogging again, but I wanted to post this handy dandy nifty keen cool thingy first.

This is something I've been toting around with me since my mom bought it for me wayyyyyyyyy back in 1978 or 9.  It's not a book, but rather a box with 6 over-sized (actually newspaper sized) 8 sheet wonders inside, each unfolding into a retrospective of the great newspaper comic strips of the first 5 decades of The Twentieth Century.  The sixth being an editorial of the collection which is all put together by the great Richard Marshall and Bill Blackbeard of "Nemo: the Classic Comics Library" fame.

I thought it would be a nice way of getting up and going again with this-hyar blog and besides, I finally found a way to scan these monstrosities.

This week alone we have the fabulous works of Richard Felton Outcault ("The Yellow Kid, "Buster Brown"), Frederick Burr Opper ("Happy Hooligan", "And Her Name Was Maude"), Lyonel Feininger ("Wee Willie Winkie's World"), James Swinnerton ("Little Tigers"), Rudolph Dirks ("The Katzenjammer Kids"), George Herriman ("Major Ozone, the Fresh Air Fiend"), Ed Carey ("Simon Simple"), F.M. Howarth ("Lulu and Leander") and the master of them all, Winsor McCay ("Little Nemo in Slumberland")!

It's an item I've treasured for 34 years and I have always wanted to share it.  I hope you dig it too.

Next Sunday:  The 1910's and all their four-color glory.

Talk to you soon.

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