Monday, March 26, 2012

"Robinson Crusoe!" - Bill Elder - Mad Monday!

Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder do what they do best in the closing feature of "Mad" (THE COMIC BOOK) #13 from July 1954, and that's what every social humorist does.  From Will Rodgers to The Marx Bros. to Bob & Ray, they "puncture pomposity".

This time around they aim their guns at that hallmark of class and purity, that comic book that your maiden aunt might buy for you, "Classics Illustrated".

Yes they were well drawn.  Yes they might have exposed kids to works of literature that they may not have otherwise picked up on their own.

But damn they were boring.

Kurtzman and Elder did it right.

Dig in.

Talk to you soon.


Alzheimer's Care said...
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Home Help said...
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Anonymous said...

This was in, "The Bedside Mad vol6" we had laying around our house when I was a kid. Really funny stuff, thanks for posting. (In color as well)

Jeff Overturf said...

Glad you stopped by!

Mike Russell said...

Wow - thanks for this treasure. Well-remembered from my childhood in black and white, NOW I get to see the color version, and actually understand most of the jokes this time around. This cannot be said of most of my childhood amusements, but in the case of this comic, I loved it then, and I love it now. Thanks.

Mike from Berkeley, CA

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