Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where's Casey Kasem when you need him?

Boy...that's a phrase I thought I'd never say!

This post isn't about Casey...Mr. Kasem...or however he wishes to be addressed. This is about me. :)

It is my blog after all.

I thought I'd invoke the spirit of Casey to rise from the dead and do a quick Top Five Countdown of the videos I've posted here. Top Five chosen by number of times they've been viewed.

He's not dead, but I thought it would be fun anyway!

In ascending order, here are the Top Five song videos that have appeared on this blog thus far. Hopefully you'll enjoy reviewing them...or better yet, catch one you missed. If you want to read the post that went along with the video, scroll down this page and on the right hand side under the heading "Labels", the songs are listed there as hyperlinks. All under "S" for song. I keep it easy.

Here we go, Casey, Numberrrrrrrrrrrrrr 5. A happy little ditty written by Dan Reeder, giving advice on when you should sing, and what to say to people who disagree with you. "No One Will Laugh" with 73 views to date:

Number 4, a John Prine song appreciating all the old babies out there, "The Oldest Baby in the World" with 79 views:

A tie at number 3, each getting 103 views -

Myself and my old friend Will celebrating Billy Joe Shaver's birthday with his song, "Live Forever":

and me alone (actually accompanied by the upstairs neighbors' little rat-dog yapping) on an old A.P. Carter song, "East Virginia Blues/Greenback Dollar":

Number 2 and the first of 2 original songs of mine on the countdown...

"The Smile" at 104 views:

and at number 1 for the 107th (I actually don't know for how long) week in a row...with 813 views...."I Love Rachael Ray":

I hope you enjoyed checking out some you had missed or being reminded of some you liked.

Next time I'll see if I can get Jean Casem instead.

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Gene Autry said...

You should try Back in The Saddle

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