Thursday, September 3, 2009

Navigating the Time Stream-2 of 3: "Living in the Future", present tense

Now that we've bitter-sweetly examined the past, to straighten out the time stream of our lives, we gotta examine our present.

This is a John Prine song which he wrote about the future...or at least that's what it started off to be...but it took him 7 years to get around to finishing it, so at best it's about the present. :) And that was 30 years ago, in the fading past.

Which just goes to show how closely linked all time and our journey through it is.

P.S. Excuse the disarray behind me in the video...we're still moving my prodigal roommate in, and my library hasn't found a home yet beyond spread through my kitchen.

P.P.S. Excuse the disarray behind me in my past as well...the future looks to be as interestingly detailed and disorganized. Ain't it great?!

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