Monday, December 15, 2014

Unca Jeffy's Sketchbook 12-15-14

Doctor Who doodles

left to right:  William Hartnell (First Doctor), Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor and my fave!), Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor - unfinished) and Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor and my least favorite)

An amorous hot dog I did for work.

The hot dog's "object of desire" a bun.

The bun looks overtly vaginal.  It was better defined that she was a hot dog bun after the designers at work added color.  Fitting though.  The relationship between hot dog and bun are innately sexual.

Talk to you soon.


Unknown said...

"The relationship between hot dog and bun are inanely sexual."
Don't you mean "innately"?

Hey, love your blog!

Unknown said...

Don't you mean it's "innately" sexual?

Love the blog!

Unca Jeffy said...

By jing, I do!!

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