Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Face Upon the Floor!" - Jack Davis & Basil Wolverton - Mad Mondays!

"Mad" THE COMIC BOOK #10 from 1954 continues to unravel with this uber-classic "The Face Upon the Floor". Reading this over and over as a kid was maybe my first exposure to the great Jack Davis and I poured over every panel (in it's black and white reprint glory) and memorized whole passages of the H. Antoine D'Arcy poem.

I wasn't yet hip to the idea of a "cartoonist jam", so that last panel was always assumed to be by Davis as well. Little did I know that that was my first exposure to Basil Wolverton as well.

Also his first work for Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Gaines in the annals of Mad.

Great stuff! Enjoy!

Talk to you soon.

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