Monday, August 1, 2011

"The Raven!" - Bill Elder - Mad Mondays!

Welcome to Mad Mondays, kiddoes. Issue #9 from 1954 of "Mad" the COMIC BOOK continues on with Bill Elder and Harvey Kurtzman's adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".

Something seems to be up with Blogger so I hope you're able to see this. Yesterday's Sunday Funnies seems to be trapped in a limbo of sorts.

Until I get that all straightened out...Enjoy!

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. We were talking about The Raven at dinner tonight and I remembered reading a Mad magazine adaptation. Imagine my delight at finding it online. You made my day.

Unca Jeffy said...

Glad you checked in!

Man Overboard said...

This is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. The weirdly shifting backgrounds, the goofy reactions of the character, and the hilarious interpretations of Poe's lines. Elder was just a flat genius.

mvdravid said...

If you would be so kind as to resend the 1st page and the 3rd page of THE RAVEN please. They are not opening for some unknown reason

Unca Jeffy said...

They load ok on my phone, I will check on my desktop tonight.

Unca Jeffy said...

They open fine from here too. Please try again.

Miles O'Neal said...

This is an all time favorite. I have it in paper copy somewhere. I have it on CDROM. And now I have it handily on the net. Thanks.
This brings tears (of insane laughter) to my eyes every time.

el_flesh said...

For the rollerskate panel, I noticed it looks ALOT like the style of Jack Davis!
Does anyone know if this was an influence on his style or something?

Unca Jeffy said...

Jack Davis was an artist at EC at the same time. Maybe he ghosted it? A greater scholar on these comics than I should answer this.

Mary Francis said...

The very first Mad Mag I ever saw. Must have been about 10 yrs old. I was mesmerized and memorized The Raven. Then I hunted for other Poe works. Thus started my love of poetry.

Maxfried said...

So glad to have found your site and especially this!
Pre-dates me, but one of the first comics I ever read.
Not only set my sense of humor but made me into a lit junkie as well!
To see this again was the best.

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