Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Guardians of the Galaxy!...umm..kind of?

Keeping on with sharing my happiness over how fun and well done "Marvels 'Guardians of the Galaxy'" movie is, I'm following up the first appearance of Groot from yesterday with the first appearance of The Guardians themselves today.

A different membership than what we see in the movie and modern comics, is great peek back at the original concept in 1969 in Marvel Super-Heroes issue #18.

It's got pure space age fun (1969 after all is when man first set foot on another world, and the universe became a lot smaller.  Also it features a very early appearance of the Badoon who had only premiered a year earlier in a Silver Surfer comic.

BEST of all, it has the stunning storytelling of grand cartoonist/illustrator Gene Colon.  Not your run of the mill comic artist, Gene found dynamism and movement in very different ways than Jack Kirby or any of Kirby's imitators who tried to conform to the new "Marvel Style".   Colon was his own man.  His work is sorely missed.

Dig in, y'all.  A good time is promised!

Talk to you soon.

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