Monday, August 11, 2014

1st appearances of GotG??? -- DON't forget HOWARD THE DUCK!

In keeping with my theme of 1st appearances of characters from Marvels' 'Guardians of the Galaxy'"...I never thought I'd be saying these words..but buckle up, True-Believers!  Here's the 1st appearance of Howard the Duck from Adventure Into Fear with Man-Thing #19 from 1973!


Seriously, enjoy.  That Lucasfilm piece of shit was just that, a piece of shit.  Steve Gerber spun a mighty good web (-ed foot) of stories with our much-maligned mallard, and the character deserves his just do.

Maybe not in THIS story (blink and you might miss him) but this, as they say, was only the beginning!

Dig in, y'all...

Talk to you soon!


Mykal said...

Wow is that some spectacular art work. Marvel really had some grat stuff in the 70s no doubt. I might have to post some on my DC blog. Hey, quality counts over brand name!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Unca Jeffy! I'm sorry I've been out of touch with most of the internet, including your fab blog. First time I've been here in months. And what great stuff to land in the middle of. I never saw any of this material back in any of my comic reading days. But the movie! Yow, the movie! Bitchin', as you say. One of my all time favorite roller coaster rides! Now I get to see this comic material. You, brother, you are BITCHIN'!

As the ex-governor/terminator would say, Ah'll be bach!

Jeff Overturf said...

Mykal: AGREED! Quality of the creative teams ALWAYS trump over brand name. :)

Thomas: Great to hear from you! I have been just as out of the loop. Always with the desire to get back in though.

Great to see that after all my time away from this blog, that two of my favorite readers and bloggers are out there in the ether. Great to see and hear from you both!

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