Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Funnies - March 12, 1960 - part 4 of 4!

Good Sunday morning to ya, and the last of my postings from the Toronto Star March 12, 1960.

This batch has some more classics/after they were classics.  More of the syndicate squeezing out every penny they could from a once successful strip.  Much of the blame lay with the local editors though, for demanding the syndicates keep the strips on life support.  And of course the audience.

Still, kind of comforting waking up to find the same four-color pals and gals every week...Henry, Nancy, Sluggo and the rest were certainly respites from the daily bombardment of cold war news stories filling the rest of the papers in 1960.

And Blondie and Scamp were enough to forget the sweaty five-o-clock shadowy face of Tricky Dick wanting to beat JFK.

The Sunday Funnies did their job, dangit!


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