Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chicago Daily News - November 13, 1948 - Sunday Funnies!

Sunday Funnies this week gets it's lead from a few newspaper comics sections I bought at a reasonable price off of eBay a few years ago.  This one;s from the November 13, 1948 edition of the Chicago Daily News and has some real honeys in it!

Two helpings of Al Capp with "Li'l Abner" and "Abbie and Slats" with Raeburn Van Buren.  A pretty much forgotten adolescent strip called "Dotty Dripple" by Buford Tune.  Some of Ed Dodd's tried and true "Mark Trail".  A fashion type strip that looks about 20 years too late for it's art deco stylings, but pleasant to the eye none-the-less...with even some fun paper doll action.  A little soap opera action with "Rex Morgan, M.D.".  Another forgotten children strip that has a really interesting drawing style (if a bit forced feeling) by someone named Cecil Jensen and finally a sign that the good ol' days weren't always so good...Fred Neher's "Life's Like That" - ugh!

All in all though a fun and varied grab bag that oughta make yer oatmeal taste good as you longe over it this Sunday!

Talk to you soon!


KW said...

Thanks for sharing!

That Buford Tune looks like he went to the same art school as Chic Young.

Jeff Overturf said...

Me thinks he probably went to the school of "do what Chic Young does".

rnigma said...

From what I understand, the "Dotty Dripple" strip (later "Horace and Dotty Dripple") was more or less designed as a poor man's "Blondie," pitched at the papers who either could not afford "Blondie" or had a rival paper snap it up.

Jeff Overturf said...

Thanks for the insight, Migma. That's a strip I know nothing about.

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