Friday, May 4, 2012

Avengers! Assemble!! - Imperious Rex!!!

Captain America Cometh!!

Here with the fourth issue of Marvel Comics' "The Avengers" from 1963, ol' Stars an' Stripes finally joins the ranks alongside Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man and The Wasp, replacing the unpredictable Hulk, to take on The Sub-Mariner.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were truly creating a new mythology, month by month.

Meanwhile, here in the present humdrum ordinary world of ours, I'm taking the day off of work to go check out that new "Avengers" movie that is surely to become the sleeper hit of the year (why oh, why won't they advertise the darn thing?).

Spread the word kiddies, The Marvel Age of Comics is still happenin'!


Talk to you soon!


Alex Crocker said...

I'll go see Avengers when the gigantic crowds die down a bit, but i'm pretty sure it will be awesome

Jeff Overturf said...

It does NOT disappoint!

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