Thursday, February 11, 2010

Matt Groening - Life in Hell with the Simpsons and Futurama

This coming Monday, February 15, Matt Groening will turn 56 years old!

Most of you know Matt as the man who created the longest running sit-com EVER...The Simpsons:

...And the cult animated classic Futurama:

But fewer still are aware, that Matt began his career with the incredibly funny underground comic strip "Life in Hell"!

First published in the avante garde "Wet Magazine" in 1978, Matt accually self published/printed/distributed a "Life in Hell" comic book a little before that. He "distributed" it from his cash register while working at a Licorice Pizza (a record store) in L.A..

It then became featured as a regular strip in the "L.A. Reader", an alternative paper in L.A. in 1980. The strip has since been syndicated to papers all across the country.

Like I said, not as many people know this strip, but they should. Matt has vowed never to stop doing it. It's his foundation. Here's a few samples of the great "Life in Hell".

Bongo the one-eared adolescent bunny rabbit and one of the focal characters of the strip:

Life in school...or School is Hell!

The deep questions are answered...

Akbar and Jeff...the gay twins? Funny shit!

You'll note that in addition to their fez's (comedy's FUNNIEST hat), they both wear Charlie Brown shirts!

Bongo faces authority...Bart Simpson doesn't know what hell is!

Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you out this very funny, very insightful strip. You won't feel so alone in the world!

Thanks Matt! For 30 years of sharing your Life in Hell with the rest of us!

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