Friday, February 5, 2010

I Got the Deja Blues...All Over Again!

It's a smart man who doesn't get bit by the same dog twice!

Man is destined to repeat himself, the first time it's kind of funny, the second time it's just sad 'cause obviously he wasn't paying attention the first two times!

It's not really that I have the blues over any one particular thing. Yes, the recession sucks! Yes, cart troubles suck! Yes, relationship troubles suck!

What's really got me down is not any one's the bleak outlook that we have to look forward to the same things going wrong. Over and over. And over!

Luckily, my old hero Billy Joe Shaver sees the humor in this and let us in on the joke. :)

Here it is for everyone out there who's sick of worrying about the same old things.

It'll get better patient. Life is cyclical.

See ya tomorrow.

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