Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Fastest (and BEST) Man Alive - Barry Allen - The Flash!

Tonight's the night, kiddies!  The big live action crossover between two long time comic book favorites begins tonight on the CW Television Network, The Green Arrow and The Flash!

Yesterday I shared the 1st appearance of GA here from 1941 (More Fun Comics #73 from coincidentally 73 years ago) and today I'll share what some consider the comic book that launched the Silver Age of Comics, Showcase #4 and the first appearance of Barry Allen as The Flash from 1956.

Written by Robert Kanigher and with pencils by Carmine Infantino and inks by Joe Kubert (whew!  THERE'S a winning hand to draw to, boys!) here y'all go.


Oh yeah.  It's the first appearance of  Turtle Man, too.  Yeah, I said Turtle Man.

These 1 page featurettes were some of the real fun in Silver Age DC comics.   They always somehow tied in with the main feature of the comics and here's 2 awesome pages to fill young minds with facts about speed, now that they're imaginations had been sparked by The Fastest Man Alive.

Here's some cool retrospective insight.  The second story of the issue already has The Scarlet Speedster delving into time travel.  Early indications of the wide-spanning fun to come in reading Flash Comics!

Pure-D Silver age fun!

Talk to you soon.

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