Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Funnies! - 6-10-12

Now that we know where Jeffy is (trapped all up in his head) we'll give him a coupla days more to stew there and resume a few regular features of the blog.

SUNDAY FUNNIES!  This week the first 4 pages of the Chicago Daily News for SATURDAY June 4, 1955.  Chicago (and other big cities I suspect) competed fiercely for their readerships and one of the most powerful tools was their features and one of the brightest and easily spotted was their color Sunday supplement.  So why not slap it on on Saturday TOO?!?

These are some pages from an actual 1955 supplement I bought off of Ebay a few years back.  It's nice to get them scanned and not fret about them just disintegrating and turning to newsprint dust.  

This is a 16 page supplement, so rather than overwhelm, I'll post it over the next few weeks and let all you readers drink it in slowwwwwwwwwwwly and get all the good 4-color nutrition you can from it.  This week, the almost ubiquitous front-pager, Al Capp's "Li'l Abner".  

Here's a strip that popped up LAST Sunday Funnies that I didn't know much about, but we got a few comments on.  It's the poor man's Blondie, "Dotty Dripple" by Buford Tune.  I knew a Buford Tune once...he had a good beat, but you couldn't dance to him!  (Ah, it's good to be back...where else but on this blog could I unleash such pearls of humor?)

Al Capp's other strip, which he wrote while Rueben Van Buren provided the wonderful artwork, Abbie and Slatts.  This strip was the epitome of continuity and serial strips, but with much deeper characterization, LIKE ABLE characterization and depth of story than your average Mary Worth, Rex Morgan or Judge Parker.

Finally a favorite of mine (and fellow art appreciator and blogger Thomas Haller Buchanon, Ed Dodd's lovingly drawn and researched "Mark Trail".  Trail makes me really long for a time when this type of thing was appreciated more.  I picture LOTS of kids in the 1950's clipping and saving these strips.  You're missing out on reading this and NOT smelling the musty newsprint it's on.

That's it for this Sunday, kiddoes.  Tomorrow is "Mad Mondays" and then on Tuesday back to see what Jeffy's doing up inside his head and why he can't get out.

Talk to you soon.

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