Monday, January 2, 2012

"Mark Trade" - Mad Mondays - Jack Davis!

"Mad Mondays" continues (after about a months delay...where have I been, anyway?) with it's look at "Mad" (THE COMIC BOOK) #12 dated June 1954, and Harvey Kurtzman and Jack Davis' spin on Ed Dodd's comic strip "Mark Trail", entitled "Mark Trade".

Even my love and admiration for the classic American newspaper comic strip fails to see how anyone ever was devoted to Dodd's fact-based wild-life strip.  It was a product of it's time, I suppose.  Pure post-WWII homogenization of America.  The 1950's were a strange combination of cutting-edge and middle-of-the-road milquetoast and a decade I would love to go visit in my time machine because of both.

At any rate, Messrs Kurtzman and Davis found the fun...and here it is.


In the meantime...I'm going to go sick Mark Trail off on MY trail and see where the heck I've been.

Talk to you soon.

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