Monday, October 10, 2011

"Flesh Garden!" - Wally Wood - Mad Mondays!

Yes, yes, yes, I my current arrid blog state, I neglected to bring you "Mad Mondays" last week.

This week returns with the start of 1954's Mad THE COMIC BOOK, #11 and a sweet little treat!

Harvey Kurtzman and Wally Wood's take on Alex Raymond's great comic strip "Flash Gordon"..."Flesh Garden!".

This was another tale from those hallowed days when Mad was a comic book and not a magazine, that was reprinted time and time again through my childhood in black and white and poured over by me each and every time.

Here it is in glorious 4 colro goodness, the way old Bill Gaines intended it to be.


And in case ya think I don't love ya after last weeks void, here's the second story from this issue to make up for lost time...Basil Wolverton's first full-blown contribution to Mad that I posted right h'yar!

Now, tell me who don't love who!!!

Talk to you soon.


Mykal said...

Jeff: I've said it before (here, I think); and I'll say it again: Wally Wood's cartoony stuff is my favorite Wood!

Runs.with.Ferals said...

Agree with Mykal; it has such a fun breezy feel to it, with various influences, yet always pure Wood (dat what she said last night nyuck ny*)


Sweet stuff! Great post!

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